We are enthusiasts that want to make a difference in not just our sport but our local economy. We plan to use a culmination of over 8 decades of off-road industry experience to tie together a community at risk of losing public land. With the help of all the sports promoters, companies, and land use groups; Hero For A Day was created to raise awareness, create excitement and give back to the community. Each day we take people out to enjoy the great outdoors, is chance to change someone’s life and show what they are truly missing out on without motorized access.

Unfortunately our public lands are at risk. Hero For A Day has enlisted 4 Wheel To Heal to help raise funds to ensure we provide access to our Veteran’s. This is a national issue, however it is happening in our own backyard. Environmentalists have become exclusionists not willing to work with all groups to develop equal opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. This effects everyone, not just Rock Sports. Our footprint for access is rapidly shrinking and people are giving land up in the name of “protection” not realizing they are giving away an amazing privilege that so few understand.

To show this effect and help the community, we have offered our Trail Rides throughout the Nation for People of Special Needs and Veterans. If Environmentalists have their way and take lands away from vehicle access, then they take away the ability for these groups to experience something so special and unique that it would be a shame and crime. These people must use 4 wheel drives to access land as they do not have the ability to go for a hike, or jump onto a horse. In the same respect, many of these people have fought for their lives so that we can enjoy this freedom of access, they too should be able to access the land.

With so many ways people can donate (With time and/or money) we now have an avenue that anyone can take part in and give back to the community at the same time. So come enjoy the great outdoors with the same people that are fighting for your ability to do so.