Ride With Us!

It is amazing how much therapeutic fun can be had with like minded individuals reaching out to the community to create amazing opportunities.

You have an opportunity to experience the outdoors like never before! We will take you out to see the sights and sounds of Nature, conquer/overcome obstacles, and learn about how you can be more mobile with motorized access.

When you join us on one of our Guided Trail Rides, you can expect meals, shirts, and all sorts of other swag and stories, as well as some local history, a little excitement, and a safe journey back into town. We provide a comfortable and fun way to get outside and experience things you likely have never seen before. Natural Arches, Dinosaur Tracks, Historical Artifacts, and more make getting outdoors a passion for all off-roaders and we would like to show you why and how we enjoy it as much as we do!

If this interests you, please e-mail the following: herforadayhfad@gmail.com